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Content and Mission Intro.

Other pages will tell more, but this is a brief introduction to the mission and content of SeventyLambs. When I was in the hospital I realized that there is a need to help people understand salvation. This site is designed to do just that. SeventyLambs has a mission as did the seventy that were sent in Luke 10. The mission of SeventyLambs is to prepare the people for the Lord's return. The seventy were to go to the cities where Jesus was soon to come. Jesus is coming soon! Are you ready!

There is a page on this site that is a tribute to Tiffany Cromwell, one of my nurses when I was in the hospital where you can read about that.

There are video messages by Adrian Rogers that help understand salvation and right living.
1. Salvation
2. What Shall I Do With Jesus
3. Yardsticks Become Boomerangs (audio)

There are posts with video that are informative and helpful dealing with issues we face today.
1. America's Destiny
2. Prophecy Watchers
3. Prophecy In The Spotlight
4. The Roman Empire and the United States

There are other articles and posts that will help prepare us for the return of the Lord and the way we should live until Jesus comes again.